Tourists welcome again on our little piece of paradise!

Tourists welcome again on our little piece of paradise!

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced in a television broadcast today that international tourism will commence across Spain in July 2020 – “saving the summer season.”

He thanked the people of Spain for their endurance during what was one of the toughest periods of lockdown around the world, and warned that we need to be on guard for further outbreaks in the coming weeks, as we follow through the already agreed stages of de-escalation.

He asked the tourism industry across Spain to prepare to welcome Spanish tourists during the month of June, and international tourists from July onwards. He suggested that Spanish tourists will be able to travel in June to areas in the same lockdown phase as their own.

Lanzarote moves in to phase two of the de-escalation from lockdown this Monday, and we should have completed all phases by 22nd June.

The announcement has been made now so that airlines and tour operators can begin their planning. At this stage we don’t have details of security measures required but we will update here as soon as we do.

Casas del Mar Lanzorte
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